fgjohnson@upei.ca Google Apps acounts x2

The University of Prince Edward Island is looking to migrate the current GroupWise email/calendaring system to the hosted Google Apps Partner solution. 

This sound like a particularity great idea! Hosted service means no local hardware/redundancy/backup required, the system works and is guaranteed to be up  99.999% of the time, lot's of storage space (almost 8 GB/user) and EVERYONE loves Google right?

Confusion arises when there is an existing username@upei.ca account... and there will be those that experience this condition as we have been using Google docs for quite some time using our upei.ca accounts.

To reduce this confusion for me I changed my fgjohnson@upei.ca account email/login to fgjohnson@eastlink.ca.... How this solution actually functions is yet to be determined but I think it will be OK.  So now I have three google accounts, an eastlink account, hotmail account, yahoo account, canada.com account and a plethora more... call me anything but email me at upei.ca! :-)

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