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These are some great links and video's to some RaspberryPi projects that I have actually thought about!
Well.. OK, not the phone!

Time waits for no one!   Get at 'er...

Alexa AI on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Print Server: Setup a Network Printer

PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone

(Image copywrite @ http://www.davidhunt.ie/piphone-a-raspberry-pi-based-smartphone/)

How to Make a Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror



Know what I hate about Facebook?

Know what I hate about Facebook?
OK - This might piss some of you off! :-)

Shared "News" from partisan or special interest sites that people just accept as truth! AND SHARE!
There is no peer review process on most of this bunk.

Any moron can spin a story to elicit fear, amazement, anger or hate... and if it has a catchy headline, and a funky picture, people will share it without any effort at deconstructing the reality.

Thus spreading the bullshit!

Look things up ...and demand that your content be real... Garbage meant to capture click trails should NOT be clicked on, shared or tolerated.

Real News doesn't twist or fake the truth simply to elicit emotion.


Neatest Library ever!

Driving around Nahant, MA we found the greatest little Library.

"The Nahant Public Library was founded in 1819, the third oldest in Massachusetts after Franklin and Harvard. Our library became a free public library in 1872. The present library building was designed by the Boston firm of Ball and Dabney, and opened June 1, 1895, and was the first electrified building in Nahant."

Nahant Library
I had a nice long talk with the head Librarian about all things library; History, collections, special collections, digitization, classification and history.  

She gave us the grand tour!

The floor of the main stacks, which reside on the second floor, are thick panes of glass. 

Glass floor on the second floor main stacks.
Because it was the first building on Nahant with electricity, and the power was weak and unreliable, a skylight in the roof provided light through this glass floor to illuminate the first floor during the day. The glass is all worn and etched now but the edges are still clear to see what it might have been like.  They have no movable storage... just these very heavy stacks on the second floor of this amazing old building.

The cast iron stacks have embossed classification "area's".

Cast Iron stacks

The Special Collections area also had a skylight, and offered more direct light to the main lobby through a lovely glass floor.   

Which is seen on the ceiling of the two story grand hall.

Glass ceiling design (the floor of 3.5 th floor of Special Collections)
Grand Hall view from the entrance
View of the entrance to the Library and Grand Hall.
A grand fireplace (no longer in use) existed in pretty much every room... including the Children's section that used it as an awesome reading nook.
Children's reading nook

I was enthralled with this little place.

They will be starting a digitization project of their Special Collections next year... 
So obviously I shared the Islandora and Discovery Garden solution with them. :-)


Wappalyze Me!

Ever wonder what technologies different websites are running to give you that cool new experience?
  • How do they do that?
  • Why is it so fast? Why is it so slow?
  • Is this page or site manually created? or part of a CMS?
  • What versions are the technologies in use? (Good practice is to hide your versions)
Pretty darn cool!

Try this Forefox Add-on.





Ban the wave across!
5 seconds sooner and I would have killed a kid!
A story for drivers in Charlottetown...

Approaching the lights southbound, on North River Road @ Nassau, at 7:20 after dropping Mom off at home, there were 5 cars at the lights, nobody in the left turning lane and nobody at the light driving north.  The light is green as I approach the line up so I merge into the turning lane with my signal on as normal. My spidey sense tingled as I perceived a flash of movement behind the big black SUV with tinted windows (which I can't see through) at the front of the line... and who isn't moving.

Moving my foot to hover over the brake (I am at at turn after all...) a skateboarder pops out, crossing against the light, because this ARSE waved him across!

The kid looked pretty surprised to see me and I yelled... something... lol. The kid said "He waved me across!" in a defensive tone (not aggressive)... I turned around, smiling, so I didn't scare the kid, to use this as a learning opportunity for the young man.

I explained that the guy in the car did the wrong thing.. and that had my car been 5 seconds earlier I would have hit him.

One of my major frustrations about driving in Charlottetown is the insistence that bicycles, skateboarders and pedestrians are "waved across" at locations, and in situations, that are clearly not normal. and thus break the rules of the road.   This is extremely dangerous for other drivers, the person stopping, and the lucky recipients of the "wave across".

Just because one driver sees you, and thinks they are being courteous, doesn't mean other drivers are paying attention or want to be courteous... and they certainly don't expect your vehicle to stop in the middle of the road!

Save a life.
Follow the rules. 
If you are a cyclist, skateboarder, pedestrian or hover-boarder don't accept the "wave across".
Just say no!


No More Jayco

It's with mixed emotions that I say so long to the Jayco 1007 we have had for 7 or so years.

We've been to Fundy National Park, Cape Breton Highlands, Kouchibouguac, Magdalene Islands, Gatineau Hills, PEI Parks, Quebec City and Yogi Bear near Fredericton.

Sold it to a lovely family that drove from Halifax today and are heading home now.

Bye Bye Jayco.
Good memories and good luck.


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