Libraryh3lp into Evergreen

Libraryh3lp is a hosted Live Chat service that, here at the Robertson Library UPEI, we integrate into our Catalogue, Web Page, OpenURL Resolver, ILL, and Moodle.

  • Basically an institution creates user accounts and Queues at the Admin Console of the service.
  • Users are then assigned specific queues, and when online chat requests from those queues are visible to them
  • Libraryh3lp provides simple javascript to drop into your apps.
  • You can customize the skin, images etc... or just use their out-of-the-box templates.
The code we used here @ UPEI is below.  If you want it sent to you for easier reading I can do that.

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  1. Just to add a bit, with Libraryh3lp you can choose among a couple of different "widgets". One is a direct chat box, which you can make of any dimensions horiz x vert pixels. Another is a single graphic that looks like a button, for places where you don't really have room for a full box. When you click on it, it opens a floating box that the user can resize as they like. The latter is what we use in Evergreen. We use the normal chat box on our library home page. - Melissa Belvadi @ UPEI.