My Grandfather Clock

Well this clock has "stopped... short..." no more.  Cousin Craig came for a visit and I had the guts to take a look at this clock a little better with him. What amazing technology for the early 1800's.

Using my awesome clock repair terminology.....

The pin on the gear that triggers the ringing of the hours of the day (and the day's of the week) was getting jammed at 15 minutes to the hour.  We removed the pendulum and verified that the clock worked  (the pendulum moderates the movement so the time is correct) and then simple moved a flexible trigger away from the pin so it doesn't jam.  The clock has been running and keeping time great for the last 24 hours.

It lost a couple of minutes in 5 hours, so I moved the pendulum up the shaft and then it was running fast by one min / hr.  Excellent.  I just moved the weight down a couple of screws and will keep adjusting till I have it.

Once I have the time working perfectly I'll explore resetting the days trigger, while disabling the hourly bell. (Probably don't want a bell to ring every hour at the bottom my stairs).

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