Ever want to combine a bunch of RSS feeds into one?

http://www.rssmix.com/ works great.

No logging in, nothing to save.
Just add the feeds you're interested in, and create the mix!

I use this to add and display a bunch of feeds in one block on my iGoogle page.

And if you don't use iGoogle you should!

 - email, Calendar, Docs, Weather, Feeds, Chat and more


  1. I don't really like iGoogle. Too cluttered and the UI is really restricted for all the Google apps I am use to using in their native UI. I much prefer having Gmail/Reader/Calendar/Docs open in separate tabs. Maybe I just didn't find a good configuration. You should send me a screenshot of (or demo) your iGoogle setup.

  2. Yup, I hear you.

    You can't use the iGoogle UI to actually use the other GA tools. But I find it a good "portal to get the tabs open and provides me "At a Glance" email, tasks, weather, calendar(s), RSS feeds I follow, recent GoogleDocs and more.