Awesome surprise

Working at the University has it's perks. :-)
Rhonda Sexton - A friend, co-worker and assistant to the President discovered that I knew and hadn't seen a couple of great girls from High School (TOSH) and university in a very long time.

"Meet me at Boston Pizza, beer, app and a surprise" she said! "Hmm" thought I.. "What does she have up her sleeve?"

As it turns out Nicole Wedge and Lynn (Lynnie) Hubley were there! What a cool thing.
Really nice to see them both... a visit that wasn't even close to long enough.

Lynn and Nicole both looked great, and I got a little bit of an update on the Wedge clan and Lynn's life. Have to do it again!

Interestingly our 30 year High school reunion is this year and Johns Bowser has started a Facebook group. Even just a dinner party would be great - Be neat to see everyone and get the news.

I'll post this to the Facebook group too.


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