How to bake with Drush!

Take 1 Drupal site running version 6.12.
Sprinkle in 20 or so modules requiring at least 2 (sometimes 8) security updates
Add some custom content types, views, panels and mini panels.
Layer with a custom theme.
and spice up with FeedAPI (now Feeds), jQuery_ui and taxonomy.

What you have is a frightening opportunity to some real damage! :-)

Welcome Drush!

Perform a Drush self-update... to get the latest version (7.x)... 'cause Drush is version agnostic! :-)
and start at the screen...
Clone for backup and update the whole shootin' match!
Spend 3 hours cleaning up.
Drush dl some missing/ modules and check permissions.
Explore the views - try creating some new ones  - and smile!
Go for a beer!
Well deserved.

Thanks Drush!

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