Got deck footing advice?

Hey hoe...
Hoping to build a deck now... Man I'm busy!

Design and specks for a 12' x 22' deck in the back yard have been acquired. It will accessed via a sliding patio door but NOT be attached to the house.

Any recommendations for footings? 
I would like to use a deep gravel bed and deck blocks because cause it's easier... but am concerned that the sandy wet soil will heave too much during the freeze/thaw cycles we seem to be getting during the winter lately.

Some of the choices are...

1) Concrete pillars ,on footings below the frost line, with mounted deck posts
2) Concrete pillars with embedded deck posts
3) Concrete slabs on grade with mounted deck posts
4) Gravel bed with deck blocks and mounted deck posts

What did you do with your deck?
What did you learn
What would you do differently the next time?


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  1. Hey Grant,

    Although I have not built anything in frost country for quite some time now, I do have a couple ideas about this project. First off, any framing system you put in place which does not originate below the frost line is going to be subject to movement. Movement translates into a shorter life span for the deck. That said, I think the concrete piers, with a post and beam system is the best way to go. How high off the ground will the deck be? Assuming there is enough height for a beam and joist system...for a deck of that size, probably 2 rows of 3 12" concrete piers with poured-in post bases for 4x4 posts. The 4x4 posts carry 2 4x10 beams running parallel to the house. You can joist with 2x8's spanning the beams, then the decking.
    Then you, with bbq tongs in one hand and a beer in the other. Sound good? Git er done!