I love Simmons Pool - Lets not design it away.

This has to be politics spinning to kill Simmons outdoor pool.
What a shame!


The over crowded Victoria Park pool is open all day. No breaks!
While Simmons Pool hours are again restricted as to deter use.

Vic Park pool is so over crowded it is almost unpleasant to use, while Simmons is almost triple the size and an awesome inner city destination.

Put signs up at Vic Park pool, redirecting people to this alternative; a 10 min walk away, and bask in the pleasure of 2 great outdoor destinations.


While everyone knows that the ice surface @ Simmons, as well as the pool, are long past due for an upgrade. And the fields are pretty soggy in the spring and after rain - An attractive options would be to simply rebuild what's there now. 

One new ice surface with better/updated facilities, and a smaller outdoor pool(or an indoor/outdoor pool for shoulder season swimming!). Then spend some dollars on the one soccer field beside North River Road and put some trails around the perimeter of the whole space for cycling, walking and jogging!  Awesome!

Instead is seems that the "Plans" offered include bulldozing and building another white elephant… I fear the attempt at a dual ice rink, a big pool like CARI and a gym would fail financially and we'd end up with a half built complex with big user fees. That would be a mistake!


The city plan includes three options. If read with a pessimistic eye the transparency could be construed as almost palatable.

 I hope that like "plan b" a government body doesn't pretend to listen to the public and move forward with a backroom decision ...while spinning the spin of responsible and best choice.

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