Insurance Inspection Disclosure.

Hi everyone...

Has anyone ever received a call from their insurance company for a mandatory inspection?
I did.  It was a new thing to me after 20 years of home ownership.

A letter arrived from my broker that indicated I would be contacted by this dude who needed to inspect my house... Inside and out, for the insurance board of PEI I think.

Well the inspection happened and ... There was no communication...

Since that kind of thing drives me crazy I decided to contact my broker when they emailed me to remind me of my upcoming renewal, and all the other awesome services they offer.

To their credit the person I spoke with happily agreed to send me the report.  That's good!
She also informed me that there were no outstanding deficiencies that I needed to address; and that I would have received an email telling me to attend to them if such repairs or reno's were perceived to be required... by them.

I think that there should have been some proactive disclosure on the part of the broker and the insurance company to let me know that the report had been filed, what was in it and that there were no outstanding modifications needed. 

A copy of the report should have been included in the follow-up ...without being requested!

What do you think?

Am I just an ornery old coot?

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  1. oops... an anonymous poster said I was ornery... but not wrong.... deleted the post...
    Thanks anonymous. :-)