Driver danger

OK... I'm starting a new practice...

Every time I am on my bike, and my life has been threatened by stupidity I'm going to rant about it. I am a safe driver - Otherwise I wouldn't still be riding after 30 years.
  • when a pedestrian tries to cross in the middle of a street and assumes traffic should stop.
  • when a cyclist switches between following pedestrian rules and vehicle rules causing dangerous conditions,
  • when a car, truck or other vehicle cut me off...
I'm gonna Rant.

Maybe I should call this blog Grants Rants!  Oh... I did. lol

Sunday on Belvedere Ave...  I am happily driving from North River Road towards Queen Street and have to slam on my brakes because there's this knob stopped in the middle of the road.  
Because some guy wants to cross the street!  However, he can't because there's traffic coming the other way. He realizes this and hasn't left the curb yet.

The moron who stopped just sits there waiting for ALL the traffic comimng the other way to stop so this guy can cross the street... FFS - There was a cross walk 100 feet down the road -> WHERE WE EXPECT TO HAVE TO STOP.

Instead I almost rear end the jerk and and have to check behind me in case someone was following me for fear of getting rear ended!
Just like the Duckling lady - Don't  stop where traffic should be moving!

Today... after work... leisurely drive (35 km/hr) up Spring Park Rd. 
I see a car at the next intersection angled like it's turning right (heading downtown) approaching me. At the last minute she steps on the gas and turns right... directly in front of me!  I  again had to hammer the brakes hard to avoid rear ending her.  She either just didn't see me or didn't care!

There - My two latest rants!  - More to come because people are shitty drivers!

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