Ban the wave across!
5 seconds sooner and I would have killed a kid!
A story for drivers in Charlottetown...

Approaching the lights southbound, on North River Road @ Nassau, at 7:20 after dropping Mom off at home, there were 5 cars at the lights, nobody in the left turning lane and nobody at the light driving north.  The light is green as I approach the line up so I merge into the turning lane with my signal on as normal. My spidey sense tingled as I perceived a flash of movement behind the big black SUV with tinted windows (which I can't see through) at the front of the line... and who isn't moving.

Moving my foot to hover over the brake (I am at at turn after all...) a skateboarder pops out, crossing against the light, because this ARSE waved him across!

The kid looked pretty surprised to see me and I yelled... something... lol. The kid said "He waved me across!" in a defensive tone (not aggressive)... I turned around, smiling, so I didn't scare the kid, to use this as a learning opportunity for the young man.

I explained that the guy in the car did the wrong thing.. and that had my car been 5 seconds earlier I would have hit him.

One of my major frustrations about driving in Charlottetown is the insistence that bicycles, skateboarders and pedestrians are "waved across" at locations, and in situations, that are clearly not normal. and thus break the rules of the road.   This is extremely dangerous for other drivers, the person stopping, and the lucky recipients of the "wave across".

Just because one driver sees you, and thinks they are being courteous, doesn't mean other drivers are paying attention or want to be courteous... and they certainly don't expect your vehicle to stop in the middle of the road!

Save a life.
Follow the rules. 
If you are a cyclist, skateboarder, pedestrian or hover-boarder don't accept the "wave across".
Just say no!

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