Hacking passwords goes mainstream

Firefox add-on allows easy hacking of Facebook accounts...

This tool called firesheep put's unencrypted network traffic "into the open" for the non-technical user.  

If you have a choice, now's the time to use a secure network when ever you can.  This shouldn't be an issue wih properly configured ecommerce or banking sites, but sure can cause grief with all these "auto-connected" social networking tools we so love to use.  I wonder how this presents on a wired network?

There may be "some help"... in the form of a FireShepherd (god I love wierdo techies!)

New program aims to sheer Firesheep hack tool

I haven't tried either of these yet but might do it at home in the security of my own wireless environment.  


On a Mac I am prompted to give Firesheep 'system.privilege.admin' to firesheep.backend...  umm what does firesheep.backend really do?

If anyone has tried this let me know what you think... I might try it in a Virtual machine b4 trying it on my production system.

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