New Eastlink "Feature"

For the last month or so I've been getting Eastlink "Did you mean?" result sets after I put in a URL or search term that returns no results.

It was driving me crazy!

So I called Eastlink Technical support and spoke to a very nice young lady and asked her what in the heck this was and how do I turn it off.  Unfortunately she had no Idea!  She did know it was an attempt by the ISP to make my browsing experience more friendly... hmmmm...

To turn off this "feature"...

I typed in an incorrect URL to get the page whilst talking with her and we discovered that on the Eastlink "Did you mean results page" there is a small link that says "What is this" or "Turn this off" or something to that effect.  When you click it the standard marketing "We did this for you even though you didn't ask for it because we knew you'd like it" verbiage was presented.

There was also a link that said "Opt Out of this Feature".
Follow the bouncing ball - Click it, click yes you are sure, and the original browser error pages will appear when you don't know what you're doing! :-)

Ahhh... back to my comfort zone!

This resolution is linked to your account so it works for ALL browsers/computers in the house - Not just the one you were using.


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