I was just reading (again) about the "latest" version of Android called Ice Cream Sandwich.
And started thinking about developing Apps for Android - What versions?
  2.2 = Froyo - First popular version
  2.3 = Gingerbread - most used "in the wild"
  3.0 = Honeycomb  - Feb. 2011 (3.1 and 3.2 were released)
  4.0 = Ice Cream Sandwich. (Oct. 19, 2011)
A very fast release cycle - but with three year contracts on smart phones Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich don't have exposure "in the wild" yet.
The same question arises for bberry, iOS and others like Windows Phone, HP webOS(Recently Open Sourced), Symbian OS

There will be effort needed in planning/development/support and maintenance of "releases" of apps.
Difficult with shrinking budgets
Perhaps doable internally as a business supported decision but tough in the wild west of public offerings...
My vision is to use html5/css/jscript.
It's a growing standard that is cross-platform and will be backwards compatible.
Libraries can be used for development/access to native phone features... 
Will this work? 
Time will tell.

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