Christmas is over!

Well... Christmas is over for another year.

I avoided many of the "responsibilities" that were ingrained as I was growing up.  Unsure what's more stressful - Trying to actually meet those expectations or rationalizing how to avoid them! :-)

Some successful presents and some unsuccessful ones. 
Some good times and some rough patches...
Stiffness from reading on the couch!
We had a nice time making "piggies" (Latvian bacon and onion perogies) on boxing day with neighbours and friends(many hours to prepare and bake, minutes to eat) and a lovely Brunch at Mom's house on Christmas morning.

Enjoying the break from the regular three kid, work routine running around - How come my lotto ticket only provided $10.00...  Couldn't the decimal be off be ... say... 3 or 5 decimal points?

No great technological acquisitions this year - a Photo frame and Blackberry Playbook for Alida, lipstick for Indra, Pig goes Pop for Mira, and Fur-real friend for Krista.

Time to hit the Home Depot and fix the screen door, get a halogen bulb for the yard light, dream about a bathroom reno, new deck and addition to the house. :-)  ahhhhh.... reality!

Trying to do a couple "Proof of concepts" for websites in Drupal... and prove to myself that I, and Drupal, have the stones to do it properly.  One for me, one for work and one for contract potential.

Checkout the new canada.gc.ca website. It's implementing the Web Experience Toolkit which defines Common Look and Feel as well as Open Data initiatives and provides a number of technological solutions to meet those initiatives.  I'm exploring the Drupal one.

Guess that's all the rambling for this AM...
Happy New Year!
Be careful out there!

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