Telephone solicitations drive you crazy?

I love it when the phone rings 3 times during supper, or at bed-time, and it's an unsolicited call requesting "for a few minutes of my time" or offering the chance to win a cruise, save some money or fix my computer... uh.. No - I hate you! :-)  OR it's that long pause while the computer at the other end tries to transfer it to an "operator".

I have three girls, and the phone rings enough as it is. "Hello" was getting really boring. :-) So I started answering the phone using a pseudonyme.  Is that the right use of this word?

Elmsdale Fire Department, French Foreign Legion, Summerside K-Mart whatever... The kids think it's a hoot, and their friends just think I'm nuts... BUT the offshoot of this is that the surveys and scams might start to slow down after a while.

Tonight we received 3 calls in about 15 min,  all from "unavailable number".  I answered in the new format and I had 2 hang-ups and one "pause" that hung up. 

So... that got me wondering if my number get's marked as "wrong" on some lists that might eventually make it's way back to a master list and reduce these annoyances...

Even if that doesn't happen - It's fun! T ry it for a week - Those annoying calls will, at the least, not be so annoying.

BTW - if you call my number and some bonehead answers the phone "Charlottetown Tattoo"... just ignore it and say "Hi Grant"!

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