Lucky this time! Seagate Drive Wizard

Well it's been some time since I did the down and dirty hard drive upgrade.
Who has time anymore!
But my old eMachine 250GB drive was failing wonderfully!

I do have  internal and external drives for backup and storage... But did I back up regularly! no...
So I scratched my head and said "What to do?"

1) Went to Future Shop  - No HDD there!
2) Staples - 1TB Barracuda drive.    Perfect!
3) Hmmm does the eMachine support Sata?
     Yes it does! ... but I'm using IDE drives.
4) Ahhh... SATA cable and power converter in the box. Excellent.
5) Unplug old "storage drive" and plug the new 1TB Barracuda SATA drive in appropriately.

This is easy! I'll just boot off the supplied Disc Utility  CD and use that nifty Upgrade and Clone feature that's in the manual. Who knew this was available now! I had visions of Ghost partitioning and such.

Well... Not QUITE so easy but not bad when you have options.

6) Supplied cd was not bootable and the instructions say boot and install in Windows to create bootable media.
7) Yah MacBookPro and Virtual Box - I have a copy of XP running so I booted up the laptop.
8) Started VirtualBox Windows
9) Installed the Disk Wizard software and rebooted.
10) Started Disc Wizard and selected to "Create Bootable Media"
11) moved the bootable CD into the eMachine and booted to it.
12) Created a partition on the new drive (it's first in the boot order b/c it's SATA.
13) Selected to "Copy Data" to new drive when prompted
14) Selected the source drive and target drive(easy b/c of the sizes) and confirmed my settings
15) 15 minutes later the cloning of both original partitions was complete
      "I wonder if the bad sectors will have resolved themselves?" I wonder to my self!
16) Close "Disk Wizard" shuts the machine down.
17) Reboot is successful... kind of!
18) And surprise Surprise... faster!
Guess I'll get a good back-up.
Lucky this time!

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