Canadian Nature Survey not anonymous

A bit of a rant but here's an email I sent today.

I just received my "pre" notice about the Canadian Nature Survey that will be sent out next week.

I would be glad to complete this survey if it was an anonymous survey. 
While I am sure you aren't planning anything nefarious with this data I do not, on principle, complete survey's that can be attributed to my family in anyway (that I didn't initiate).  Social networking is just as bad I know!

It bothers me that this notice is addressed to "Resident" - to present the illusion that this is an anonymous survey.

The fact that there is a barcode, and personal master identification number to conveniently enter if I was to choose to complete this survey online, sent to and attached to my address and postal code, belies the anonymity of this request.

It saddens me that this will fool the vast majority of Canadians, and makes me angry that institutions feel the need continue with these practices.


Unless you look up my email address and I'm sure you could track me down! :-)

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  1. Guess what...
    I received a paper copy of this survey - also addressed to "Resident. Gee Whiz. Isn't that nice that they sent me a print copy when they didn't get an ANONYMOUS response to the online request they sent to the resident at my address. LMAO!