Vintage Dr. Martins $4.95

These boots will last a long time...

Went to a second hand clothing store with Indra tonight as she needed a little black dress for a dance performance. We found a dress.

While there I saw these big soled boots/shoes? ... Those aren't Doc's are they?  Well it turns out they were .... and hardly used (for Docs)! And $4.94

Too small for me but they fit Indra - Who has recently acquired an affinity for  Docs. The tag says they are DM's Made in England #8597 AW 004 Air Wair.

Now I'm not a big used shoe buyer, but this was just too darn exciting. They cleaned up really nicely with a 5 minute polish. The sole is hardly worn and the leather is in great shape.

The pic to the left is this boot beside my brand new pair of 8053's made in China. The loft of that sole is awsome eh?!

Check out the pics - They enlarge.

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