Dollar Shave Update

Received the blades and handle as promised.

Looked really great - Nice solid handle, 4 blades, great price.

The action of the rotating head is a little different than I'm used to...
 - Shaving action tends to be with a more perpendicular handle to face angle.

Blades don't have the little wires crossing the blades that more expensive blades do. 
 - Are these to protect your face, the blades or both?

The first blade lasted 2 weeks - could have gotten more days out of it (and might try it again) but I said what the heck and opened a new blade.  Oh so decadent!

The shave is very good.
So far I am happy with this experiment.

I have shaving at the best of times so this review is a positive as I can get! :-)

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