Happy Birthday to me...

Dollar Shave

Started my birthday using a Dollar Shave product.

4 quad blades, and a handle, arrived yesterday.  I get 4 blades a month for $6.00.
The "pivot" is a little different from the Quattro system that I've been using... but if the blades last a decent amount of time it's a great deal.

The shave is good - but a little more time to catch the left-over" finish bits...  Although this could be simple a case of getting used to new razor and handle dynamics.

Snow Storm

Storm day today.   15 cm before 1:00.
Blowing like crazy.
What a great surprise. Work is closed.
Heading out to get the old snow blower @ the repair man. I caught a log in it a couple of weeks ago and feared the worst...

Nope! They just reset the engine on it's mounts and tightened up the bolts.  Best news all year!

Dez and Dogs
We have the best neighbours. Dez Lecky and his dog Jackson come to call every morning.  I have to get a video ready sometime and catch Jasmin passed out on the couch watching out the window waiting... waiting....  Jackson stops on the otherside of the street and Jazz starts whimning... Then Jackson pulls Dez accross the street and Jasmine jumps up and tells us that her best bud is coming to play in the back yaSo Alida and I stay inside... often in our Jammies... while Dez supervises a couple of roiling and running dogs having a ball.

Most times he doesn't even want a coffee. :-)

Blessings - Wife, Kids, Mother

I have the best family!
Beautiful girls, wonderful wife, great dog, awesome Mom, loving siblings, nieces and nephews! ... I know I can be cutting... but I am truly blessed.
I just wish I could spend more time with everyone.

Need a new head piece for the CPAP...
Picking up an inspection port to examine the laser POS purchased in the fall.
See this thread: http://sailingforums.com/threads/delaminated-deck-and-hull.28016/

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